Send shoes upstairs Nike for the momentum Air Max Day and a new routine

Recently, the emperor  Xiaobian see an interesting video: a pair of Nike shoes and two GO Pro camera together, was hot air balloon with the flight to the air, and then the balloon fried, the shoes fell into the desert … … It is reported that this pair of Nike shoes is the latest Nike Air Vapormax (priced at 190 US dollars, together 1599 yuan).


Vapormax is sent for the promotion of new shoes

There is no doubt that this novel video is Nike for the new shoes to do the publicity , by the Nike digital agent Space150 production . This pair of new air cushion shoes called “the history of the lightest, most flexible Air Max “, shape design is popular in recent years, “socks shoes” texture. And therefore the Space 150 produced the idea of ​​flying it on the balloon, mainly emphasizing Vapormax ‘s “light” and “air”. At the same time, this pair of Vapormax publicity , but also to meet the Nike ‘s largest marketing campaign Air Max Day – another brand man made out of the festival.

Please star up Air Max Day

This year happens to be Air Max this shoe the birth of the 30th anniversary, after that, Nike has been in the world to find many celebrities for the Air Max sound propaganda. For example, in the Chinese market, they invited TFBCys combination of Wang Junkai to visit Nike global headquarters , and for his custom a pair of air cushion shoes, in the network caused by hot; also invited Li Yuchun, Quan Zhilong and other fans based on a huge star and football Star Nei Maer and others, for the Air Max Day film.

Facts have proved that Nike a series of publicity routines or effective – March 26 , several for the Air Max Day launched retro or new shoes , was looted an empty

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