Prelude series “master of the road” complex engraved version

December 2013, in order to meet the upcoming sale of Kobe 9 Elite, Nike Basketball specially created a new “Prelude” series, “Master Road” as the theme, engraved Kobe 1-8 generation signature boots, with their career In the eight major milestone echoes, recorded Kobe Bryant campaign NBA game bit by bit, launched a week. The most special of this series is that each pair of shoes color with a painting genre to the performance of the shoes and Bryant in the foot when they create those glorious moments together, so it can be said that both innovation And very commemorative. But unfortunately, the series are limited edition, a limited number of official channels already sold out, very bad to buy, a treasure price has been fired to two or three thousand.


This pair of NIKE ZOOM KOBE I Prelude shoes to surrealist art graphics, such as for the source of inspiration, such as the black Mamba snake pattern black shoe body, upper collar snake skin appearance, etc., to commemorate the 2006 Kobe Bryant scored 81 points Led the Lakers to beat the Raptors of the glorious moment. Insole in the well-designed “81” logo, to the black Mamba won the highest single point to pay tribute.

NIKE Zoom Kobe II Prelude

NIKE Zoom Kobe II Prelude is IKE ZOOM KOBE II “ultimate” re-engraved version, when Kobe Bryant wearing these boots, 4 consecutive games scoring more than 50, led the Lakers break through the downturn, and his game to a higher level The In addition, Zoom Kobe 2 is also on behalf of the US team to participate in the World Championships boots, full of desire for victory. This re-engraved version of the whole shoe body with gray cashmere material performance of stone texture, with a symbol of honor to celebrate the 2006-2007 season, an important moment.

Nike Zoom Kobe III Prelude

This is the re-engraved version of NIKE ZOOM KOBE III. Shoes continue Kobe III classic grid pattern shoes body, and the use of black leather with plastic material composition, coupled with colored marble pattern embellishment of the upper, as a symbol of Kobe and the Lakers in the 2008 NBA Finals lost to Celtic The pain of the people and the peak of the upcoming era, very memorable.

NIKE Zoom Kobe IV Prelude

NIKE ZOOM KOBE IV engraved version. The theme of this Zoom Kobe IV Prelude is to commemorate Kobe in 2009 wearing the original Zoom Kobe IV for the Lakers won the first 15 championships, he also elected the finals MVP. This pair of shoes on the one hand shoes inherited the Lakers classic Zijin with, on the other hand more splashing splash of ordinary colors, which also let the whole shoes filled with a pleasant atmosphere.


NIKE ZOOM KOBE V engraved version. It is to show Kobe Bryant in 2010 wearing the original ZOOM KOBE V revenge Celtic beliefs and determination as the theme, with bright yellow, blue smear shoes, gold paint the logo is like a strong and powerful The 2009-2010 season, Kobe Bryant wearing “NIKE ZOOM KOBE V” successfully won the fifth career championship.


This pair of ZOOM KOBE VI Prelude is NIKE ZOOM KOBE VI re-engraved version. Its color is very innovative, the use of southern California marine ecological picture as the main theme, colorful design makes people feel refreshing, while awakening everyone’s attention to marine ecological conservation.


NIKE ZOOM KOBE VII Prelude to the Spanish cave frescoes and Cubism style for the performance techniques, the London Olympic Games men’s basketball finals against the Spanish national team victory moment painted on the upper. This pair of shoes will Kobe gold medal for the glory of the moment forever left in the upper, had to admire the designers of originality.


NIKE KOBE VIII SYETEM Prelude is a copy of NIKE KOBE VIII SYETEM. NIKE’s design team demonstrated the modern design and technology by mixing neochromatic colors of metallic chrome tones. It followed by a mirror polished effect, the image of the “reflection” of the theme. The origin of this theme is Kobe Bryant wearing NIKE KOBE VIII SYETEM that season is very twists and turns, and finally because the Achilles tendon fracture had to leave early. Often he spent a lot of time thinking about where he was, where was he? Where could he go beyond himself?

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