NIKE Nike top running shoes Air Max 2015 exposure preview!

Air Max, as NIKE (Nike) has been the top sports shoes fans sought after. 2014 has not been more than half, this 2015 version of the Air Max has opened its mysterious veil, let us come together to see faster!


From the figure we can see, Air Max 2015 followed the previous Air Max 360 full palm air cushion, in the provision of a strong cushioning foot feeling, but also by reducing the proportion of the use of the material to further reduce the weight of the shoe body. Its most important upgrade point, is the Flywire dynamic fly line technology into the EM engineering mesh uppers, and hot melt material together to provide a more complete package, while achieving a fast lacing system.


The Logo using inverted design, just to avoid the exposed part of the dynamic fly line, so that the side is not too messy, anyway, whether it is “crooked hook” or “barb”, as long as the hook will become the user’s concern. The thickening of the ankle, the overall package and stability will increase a lot. As for the color, the exposure of the shoes are some polarization, the classic black and white color also makes more loyal to the traditional user has a choice, and another gradient style and the former used by the ink design compared to the larger difference.

Of course, some changes can make users have the power to continue to update the equipment, “hook” must have been well versed in the Road. The current date and pricing are not yet announced, we will continue to follow up with follow-up reports.


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