By the end of 2013, NIKE launched Kobe 9 Elite. It integrates three Nike Lightweight Technology: Flyknit upper, Flywire shoes are stable technology and Lunarlon cushioning, a collection of superiority in strength, durability and speed. Flyknit technology to create a seamless knit upper, very light, while in most parts of the set need excellent air permeability, ductility and supporting force. Flywire fly line technology for the stability of the foot to bring a good dynamic lock, and at the same time with the foot of the free rhythm and naturally relax and tighten. Lunarlon foam cushion cushion is a good cushioning response to keep the foot stable contact with the ground. The most interesting is that this series of foot pressure from the tread groove Bryant’s profile, which makes the shoe lighter lines, to bring the wearer a better grip. Although the performance of this pair of boots highly acclaimed, but wearing NIKE KOBE 9 ELITE back after the Kobe Bryant did not find a good state before the injury, but again injured, had to end the journey ahead of time.

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