Nike Air Max 2016 full palm air running shoes out of the box

Reason for purchase

Company games, hair shoes.

Appearance display

Out of the box photo

Normal orange shoebox nothing special

Shoes brand number is 806771 series, according to the different color, behind the tail number is different, 411 on behalf of this pair is sapphire blue

Wrapping paper wrapping paper

First to a positive photo, the standard posture to a positive photo, standard posture

Side of the photo, but also the first figure, you can see is the whole palm air cushion, feeling very flexible side of the photo, but also the first figure, you can see is the whole palm air cushion, feeling very flexible

Shoes inside, there are obvious signs of flying line, you can see the lace is also used to fix the inside of the shoes, there are obvious signs of the fly line, you can see the lace is also used to fix the line

Tongue sign, there are 2016 words tongue sign, there are 2016 words

Uppers of the front, you can see there is a layer of orange lined, so that shoes are not so monotonous upper, you can see inside a layer of orange lined, so that shoes are not so monotonous

Air Max 2016 to strengthen the density of the engineering mesh material, abolished the toe hot melt support bar design; at the same time Dynamic Flywire dynamic fly line from the previous five groups into six groups for the feet to bring excellent support And such as the socks like a sense of fit

Can provide more protection for the foot parts, an increase of the stability of the foot. AirMax shock absorber is absolutely no problem, the basic absorption of a large number of under the trampling force, that white is a word: soft!

This shoe is not the most worrying from the outsole, but that charming but fragile full palm Air Max air cushion. Its exposed from the Air Max 360 air cushion since the advent of, inevitably worried about the exposed air cushion was the situation, exposed air cushion fragile material more directly lower Air Max durable performance.

Outsole with rubber, lightweight and wearable. The bottom of the center of gravity guidance system, can be generated when the pressure along the focus of this line to promote, so as to improve the efficiency of the action.

Transparent environmentally friendly rubber made of waffle outsole is sufficient to ensure that the Air Max 2016 in the level of wear resistance. There are many pieces of grain, grain deep, non-slip good bar

Remove the insole, relatively simple, no fancy decoration. When you forget to take pictures, the standard size jp260.

Nike Nike Air Max 2016 full palm air cushion running shoes out of the box insoles and found no place to put nike +, that the meaning of the outside of the meaning of it? Around the sponge on the ankle of the package has been greatly improved. From the point of view, the pitch between the needle and pinhole is also more uniform ~ ~ good work done in Vietnam, better than the domestic difference

Shoes standard: can be seen in Vietnam production, production time should be in 2016, specifically in April or June is not very clear, the specific should look at the front or the date of the future?

Through this can be seen, the alignment work is still good. Vamps with double mesh structure, the outer mesh mesh larger, better ventilation, the inner mesh surface is smaller and more soft, more fit feet.

Shoes heel, the installation of 3M reflective coating, designed to enhance the safety factor for night run.
As a pair of top-level cushioning shoes, Air Max 2016 cushioning performance without any words, insoles credit is also contributed.
Toe of the work can also, clear lines, shoe plastic no extra, more detailed ~

Use feelings

Just after the feeling of the day after the day, it is worth buying, very early to buy NIKE full palm air cushion of the idea, but because of the high price of late can not be determined, and now wearing a sense of value for money, step on the air to walk Very comfortable, air cushion has a feeling of cushion. Especially when the upper and lower steps, the shock effect is obvious

to sum up


1. shape .8 / 10 good shape, very stylish, high security

2. comfortable .9 / 10 good wrap If we simply to “soft” and “hard” to distinguish a pair of running shoes cushioning performance differences, there is no doubt that Air Max 2016 is a pair of absolutely soft running shoes

3. cushioning .9 / 10 this shoe is absolutely cushioning, if you do not look down at the foot of the road, you do not know what you go the road, it has been feeling on the air cushion. This shoe is too comfortable to play basketball, although the performance is far less than basketball shoes, but really very soft and very comfortable.


1. Material problems, not easy to take care of

2. Higher prices

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