In Milan, Nike engaged in a sports-related theme exhibition | Milan Design Week

As early as last year’s Milan Design Week, the British designer Jasper Morrison and the United States design critic Alice Rawsthorn had furniture exhibition is too commercialized thinking and discussion. But the business also has its positive side, like every two quarters of the fashion week, to bring the driving force of the fashion industry.

As the design of the week in the development of the most mature Milan design week, and now has been regarded as a commercial fertile soil. The size of the brand every year in April are willing to come to Milan Minato a lively, while marketing the way to highlight the brand’s own aesthetic and taste.

This year, the sports brand Nike also came together, including Lyndsey Adelman, Enrica Cavarzan, Marco Zavagno, Martino Gamper, Max Lamb, Greg Lynn, Bertjan Pot, Clara von Zweigbergk, Shane Schneck and Sebastian Wrong 10 artists in Milan The Design Week held a thematic exhibition entitled “The Nature of Motion”, which, in an abandoned industrial space in southern Milan, would like to show the concept of natural rhythm with multiple media, both for the concept of future works and for practical works.

“Our goal is to continue to think about how we can create new design languages ​​and solve some new problems while the athletes are moving,” said John Hoke, vice president of design at Nike .

Italy Zaven creative studio founder Enrica Cavarzan and Marco Zavagno designed a group of giant floor lamp, inspired by the human body, the diffuser material used Nike developed a few years ago patented technology Flyknit, it is said that the device is subject to the Inspiration of Athlete ‘s Beauty and Tension.

Giant floor lamp

The Martino Gamper series produced by Italy is covered with a leather plywood frame covered with Nike Flyknit fabric, and fixed with Nike lace, placed in a specific home environment, intended to interpret the natural rhythm of the rhythm.

Drum series

British furniture designer Max Lamb is good at using a variety of natural materials to produce rough forms of work, he brought the surreal device, using coarse aluminum, marble and polystyrene board, these seemingly heavy guy suspended in a compressed air In the light of a touch can be moved, it seems to challenge people’s awareness of gravity.

American architect Greg Lynn’s approach to some higher technology, he designed intelligent micro-climate chair, is composed of composite carbon fiber and aluminum, it can be used to calculate the integrated sensor sitting on the human body temperature, and then adjust the corresponding integrated Pa Paste the cooling module, so as to cool the athlete in the movement gap or warm up.

Smart micro-climate chair

The British Sebastian Wrong, who created the sub-brand Wrong London with HAY, made a seat with Nike Flyknit technology, depicting Umberto Boccioni’s painting in 1913, Dynamism Of a Soccer Player “, which reflects Sebastian Wrong’s thinking about modernity, speed and vitality.

There are some works we look directly at it.

Clara von Zweigbergk and Shane Schneck designed a set of seven seats to explore the balance and posture of the interaction

Bertjan Pot designed a series of resting rooms with wheels to symbolize power and movement as a starting point for the structure

Lyndsey Adelman’s lighting fixtures are inspired by the natural rhythm that is usually not easily perceived, and the device can swing gently,



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