Air Max’s origin: NIKE Nike Air Max Zero running shoes will soon be listed

To say that NIKE (Nike) is the most well-known running shoes Air Max series, the first generation of products for the birth in 1987, Air Max 1 also called Air Max 87, follow-up is familiar Air Max 90, Air Max 2003 and many more. However, before the advent of Air Max 1, in fact, there is a model called Air Max Zero, but has been stuck in the design stage has not become a kind, after nearly 30 years after Zero finally from the drawings into a physical.

Air Max Zero by Nike’s famous designer Tinker Hatfield, inspired by the French Pompidou Art Center, the purpose is to do a comfortable and functional shoes. So he will Air-Sole in the end to visual design, but also learn from the 1985 launch of the Nike Sock Racer appearance, but by the material and technical constraints eventually did not materialize. March 26 is Nike released Air Max 1 day, so Nike will be named this day Air Max Day, Nike decided on March 26 this year, Air Max Zero into reality. In addition to the visualization of Air-Sole, Phylon midsole, hot-melt upper and monofilament gauze are used and manufactured as much as possible to the design drawings 30 years ago.

Air Max Zero 22 this month will be open in the Nike official website booking, 26 in the store and the official website for sale.



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